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Profile - Harvey Garraway

Harvey Garraway

The integration of Mutual Funds, Life insurance and Group Benefits, is the backbone of Harvey Garraway’s Financial Goals Strategy.

As proud husband and father of 4 daughters; Harvey Garraway has been an active part of Barrie’s community for close to 40 years and has rooted his family here. Harvey’s financial goals and life insurance office located between Barrie and Orillia in Oro County.

Harvey fulfils his community and family commitments by serving and volunteering in the public school system, local community charities and his church. Harvey is an avid cyclist, regularly plays hockey and also enjoys horseback riding and skiing with his daughters.

Harvey recognizes and embraces change. Monitoring mutual funds, life insurance, and Group Benefits for Barrie, Orillia and surrounding area businesses and individuals; has made him acutely aware of the needs of the region. Harvey will liaise with your Lawyers and Accountants in order to implement a tax and financial goals tailor suited for your personal situation. By choosing the right mutual funds, balancing those with proper life insurance, in order to compliment your group insurance plan, your plan will reduce taxes and risk, while providing a financial goals that is safe and achievable. Harvey has been previously recognized as the “Financial & Estate Planner” for Motels and Resorts Ontario.

There he has helped businesses and individuals plan, purchase and use Life Insurance and Mutual Funds to "Preserve & Pass" their assets to the next generation.

Harvey Garraway has been licensed to provide Mutual Funds, Life Insurance & Group Benefits since 1993.



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